Rostec signs security provision agreement in India

The Indian side offered Siber affiliated with Rostec to create a joint enterprise

NEW DELHI, July 11 /TASS/. The Russian State Corporation Rostec will expand cooperation with India in provision of safety of enterprises, Alexei Buyanov, the deputy director-general of the Siber holdings, told TASS on Monday.

According to him, Siber affiliated with Rostec has signed an agreement for cooperation in the provision of safety, including fire safety, of enterprises operating in the territory of India and Indian companies operating in Russia.

The Indian side offered Siber to create a joint enterprise, Buyanov said. The proposal had been voiced during Buyanov’s meeting with Mr. Saurabh Patel, minister in the Gujarat Government responsible for the Indian state’s energy, the oil and gas sector, aviation and finance.

"The experience [of this trip] will be extremely important for creating Rostec’s own training center, which is under construction in Russia’s Smolensk region," Buyanov stressed.

"Structures imitating the real conditions for fire-fighters were most surprising. For example, a full-scale model of an oil-processing plant, where fighters learn to deal with fire outbreaks in oil tanks; liquidate ruptures in oil pipelines; clean polluted water ways and liquidate other emergencies is located in the training center’s territory," Buyanov said.

The Siber holdings provides physical and fire security; ensures anti-terrorism protection of strategic, defense and industrial facilities and cooperates with the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations.

The first stage of the Siber training center in the Smolensk region will go into operation this year. Foreign students from countries, which have shown interest in training their security experts in Russia, will undergo training at the Siber training center. These countries include China, India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

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