Technical Security Solutions

SIBER JSC is the holding company of the Rostec State Corporation, operating in the field of integrated security.
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SIBER’s Engineering and Technical Service (ETS) was originally established to implement comprehensive technical security solutions at the facilities of Rostec Corporation.

Today SIBER’s ETS is not only acting as Rostec’s center of excellence for technical security and protection, but is also providing a wide range of the related services to the non-Rostec companies.

We employ a highly professional and experienced team of technical specialists and have all necessary licenses and permits.

The Engineering and technical service of SIBER Group performs a wide range of services on implementation of modern security systems – from comprehensive security audit, development of facility protection measures to design, installation of the equipment at facilities and training of security system operators.

Inspection of facilities
  • Categorization and comprehensive analysis of facility vulnerability

  • Inventory and documentation of the deployed security systems

  • Development of recommendations and programs aimed at enhancing facility safety

Development of design estimates
  • Development of safety datasheets

  • Development of technical specifications

  • Development of instruction manuals and documentation for security equipment and integrated security systems

Design of security systems
  • Design of engineering security systems of any complexity, including protective barriers of various kinds, perimeter sensors and access control systems

  • Design of security staff rooms and checkpoints and equipping them with integrated security systems

  • Design of security systems for protected zones, including automated entrance gates, perimeter gates, barriers, access control systems, etc.

  • Design of monitoring and control centers, including information storage systems

Supply and installation of security equipment and integrated security systems
  • Integrated systems and means of technical protection

  • Perimeter security alarm systems

  • Facility security alarm systems

  • Access control and management systems, including systems with higher-level identification

  • Closed-circuit television systems (CCTV)

  • Security lighting systems (SLS)

  • Guards' communication systems

  • Information collection and processing systems

  • Telecommunications systems

  • Systems of secured and continuous power supply

Technical and engineering support
  • Maintenance of technical equipment and security systems

  • Repair of security systems' equipment

  • Modernization of security equipment at facilities

Information and consulting services
  • Provision of consultations on technical matters

  • Provision of consultations on facility protection

  • Provision of consultations on the practical application of security equipment and integrated security systems

  • Inspection and analysis of projects implemented by third party organizations

  • Development of standard and regulatory documents tied to facility protection

  • Training for engineering and technical staff as well as for operators of the security system

  • Participation in security equipment / integrated systems improvement and upgrade programs

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