19.02.2019 12:47:00

SIBER took the second place as the result of the Winter Russian Corporate Games

Team’s sport achievements are six gold, seven silver and five bronze medals.

18 medals of various denominations were brought by the SIBER team from the Winter Russian Corporate Games, which ended this weekend in Kazan. This is the second best result in the team rating of the competition, in which more than 700 employees of 50 enterprises took part.

The record holder, both in the number of gold and in the total number of medals in a team, was Vladimir Vulpe, an employee of the Moscow branch of RT-Guard, who won awards in the highest standard in three disciplines - crossfit, pull-ups and barbell pressure, and silver in kettlebell lifting. In the crossfit and kettlebell lifting in the age group of 45+, two gold medals were put into the team's box by a representative of the Yekaterinburg branch of the departmental security of Rostec State Corporation Sergey Bestuzhev. Five more medals (two silver and three bronze) in strength sport brought performances of the male half SIBER team - Igor Danilov, Alexey Tykov, Konstantin Mitin and Igor Zavgorodniy.

Women did not remain on the sidelines too. Natalya Yevstigneeva, specialist of the logistics service of SIBER, became the leader of the women's team. She collected a full set of awards: gold (in a crossfit), silver (in a kettlebell lifting) and bronze (in push-ups). In addition, Natalia became the absolute leader among women and men in the speed of exercise in the discipline "crossfit". Two more medals - bronze in the kettlebell lifting and silver in darts - is also the merit of the female half of the holding team. The women’s streetball team won the Cup for the second place.

In traditionally winter sports, the lead programmer of the information technology service of SIBER Holding, Maria Medvedeva, won a silver medal in downhill skiing. Maria's backlog from the leader was only 0.07 seconds.

Following the results of all the competitions, the combined team of the holding company SIBER took the second place, passing ahead only athletes from he Central Scientific Research Institute for Automation and Hydraulics (TsNIAAG).


SIBER provides integrated security services for Rostec State Corporation in the following areas: physical security of stationary objects, cargo security during their transportation, fire safety, design, modernization, implementation and maintenance of engineering security equipment and fire safety systems, private security service. Holding includes in-house security company JSC “RT-Guard”, in-house fire safety company JSC “RT-Fire Protection”, Scientific-engineering Center for Technical Security Equipment (SEC TSE LLC), as well as a unites a network of private security companies RTO-Guard, and Russian-Chinese joint venture Hao Guard LLC.


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