SIBER took the deposit of beryllium and emeralds under protection

The strategic enterprise will receive a modern security system

SIBER took the deposit of beryllium and emeralds under protection

SIBER Holding took under protection the only facility on commercial production of strategic beryllium and emeralds in Russia.

The corresponding agreement, providing for the installation of a high-tech security system and the recruitment of a new team of professional armed guards, was signed by the management of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine, which controls the Mariinskoye deposit near the Malyshevo Village.

During the first days of work, employees of SIBER managed to stop several attempts to remove the precious beryllium ore. The management of the production company set the goal to exclude the possibility of leakage of strategic reserves of precious minerals and metals from the Mariinskoye deposit of the Malyshevo Separate Unit.

Development of a new security system and replacement of security guards began after the transfer of the shares of the Malyshevo Separate Unit under the management of the Rostec State Corporation. Counter-terrorist security at the facility and the engineering and technical part of the security system are formed under the control and in close cooperation with the FSS.

As General Director of the Security Technologies Holding Vladimir Kapysh said after signing the contract, "the management of the Malyshevo Separate Unit made a correct decision - to fully secure the deposit and to attract professional guards for this. SIBER has an impeccable reputation and an extensive experience of working at the strategic Russian enterprises.”

To ensure a reliable security system, SIBER Holding will inspect all the employees and guests of the facility. Operational armed groups of in-house security service, which will have to carry out round-the-clock patrolling of the territory, will receive the necessary technical equipment.

Implementation of the security system at this facility is a part of the strategy to create a single security centre of the State Corporation.

Malyshevo Separate Unit of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine is the only enterprise in Russia engaged in commercial production of emeralds and beryls. Extraction is carried out at the largest deposit of emeralds in Eurasia. The main commodities in the deposit are beryllium oxide and emeralds; byproducts are chrysoberyl, phenacite, alexandrite, phlogopite, lithium, rubidium, and cesium. In 2015, 45 thousand tons of ore were produced at the deposit and more than 61 thousand tons were processed.

SIBER (System of Innovative Security of Russia) is a Holding ensuring security and protection of the facilities of the Rostec State Corporation. Many employees of the Company have experience of service in the FSS, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. The Holding comprises the managing company Security Technologies, in-house security service of the Rostec State Corporation, RT-Okhrana OJSC, in-house firefighting service, RT-Fire Safety CJSC. 100% of the Company's shares are held by Rostec.

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