SIBER brought armed guards to the Motovilikha Plants

A team of almost two hundred persons was trained within a short time

SIBER brought armed guards to the Motovilikha Plants

SIBER organized perimeter security at the strategic enterprise Motovilikha Plants, which is of exceptional significance for the defense of Russia.

After transition of the Motovilikha Plants under Rostec management and overcoming of the crisis situation at the Plants, ensuring a high security level of the production and design capacities became paramount.

The employees of SIBER managed to train within a short time a professional team of almost two hundred persons. All of them successfully passed the necessary training course, and many of them received the right to carry small combat arms. Experts of SIBER Holding examined in detail the moral and business qualities of all new employees and recognized them as fit for the protection of the strategic facility.

«Motovilikha Plants are now reliably secured against the attempts to trespass, steal information and equipment, and the new guards are well trained, have all the necessary technical equipment including that for the cases requiring instant response to possible threats,» noted General Director of SIBER Holding Vladimir Kapysh.

Motovilikha Plants POJSC is the only serial full-cycle artillery plant in Russia with its own design office and metallurgical production facility. Founded in 1736, the Company specializes in the production of artillery systems (Hyacinth, Tulip), mortars and self-propelled multiple launch systems (Smertch, Uragan, Grad) as well as oilfield and drilling equipment, road construction machinery and metallurgical products. A number of samples of military equipment of the Plants have no equivalents in the world.

During the Second World War, the Motovilikha Plants played a decisive role in the victory over fascism. The enterprise produced a quarter of the artillery systems for the Red Army, and it was these guns that struck the first blows on the territory of fascist Germany and Berlin.

SIBER (Systems of Innovative Security of Russia) is a Holding ensuring security and protection of the facilities of Rostec. The Holding comprises the managing company Security Technologies OJSC, in-house security service of the Rostec State Corporation, RT-Okhrana OJSC, in-house firefighting service, RT-Fire Safety CJSC.

Subdivisions of the Holding perform the functions of physical security and fire protection, designing, modernization, implementation and maintenance of engineering and technical security and fire safety equipment.

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