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SIBER made a preliminary assessment of the work results in 2018

Over 400 objects are protected by holding.

Holding company SIBER, which is providing integral security services for Rostec Corporation enterprises, made a preliminary assessment of 2018.

“Despite the difficult economic and geopolitical situation, SIBER’s organizations were able to successfully implement the main projects planned for 2018. I am confident that we will demonstrate good growth in 2019, including through the active development of a network of private security companies and through the promotion of engineering and technical security equipment. At the same time, we will retain the focus on providing quality and professional services to enterprises of Rostec State Corporation,” said Vladimir Kapysh, CEO of SIBER Holding.

According to the results of the expiring year, JSC RT-Guard (ensures the safety of property entities belonging to the Rostec Corporation, a member of the SIBER Holding) took under protection 26 new enterprises, bringing the total number of served facilities of the Rostec Corporation to 346. The largest SIBER’s contract of this year (in terms of the amount of services) were conclude with a multispectral machine-building complex Uralvagonzavod Scientific and Production Corporation.

Through the professional work of RT-Guard’s employees at the enterprises of Rostec, it were averted the theft of weapons, 315 kg of non-ferrous metals, 707 kg of stainless steel, 150 kg of titanium alloy, 573 compounds made of silver, and even eight tons of jet fuel. The total amount of damage prevented was about 9 million rubles.

In 2018, the network of private security organizations of RTO-GUARD Ltd., which is under the control of a subsidiary of SIBER Holding, developed dynamically. Twenty-six new divisions of private security societies were created and 40 maintenance contracts of new facilities were concluded, which is 68% more than a year earlier.

JSC RT-Fire Protection, a joint - stock company, demonstrates the steady growth for the year, which is an important part of the integrated security system of the State Corporation and is one of the key organizations in the SIBER Holding. Three new branches of in-house fire safety company became operational in 2018: Chuvash (Cheboksary) started its work in January, and branches in Perm and Tula were opened in July and September. Thus, by the end of 2018, the total number of branches of the subsidiary of the holding company SIBER reached eight. In 2018 RT-Fire Protection concluded 21 contracts for providing in-house fire safety, including opening three fire departments with the function of preventing and extinguishing fires at Rostec enterprises — JSC Kuznetsov (Samara), JSC Cheboksary production association n.a. V.I. Chapaev, and JSC STAR (Perm). In addition, a fire prevention group was created to service the head office of the State Corporation and technical groups based on the Perm and Tula branches. One of the most important achievements of the in-house fire safety company, both at the end of 2018, and at the end of all five years of work, is that there were no incidents of fires and emergencies.

In order to develop the direction of engineering and technical means of protection, in September 2018, a new subsidiary was established as part of the SIBER Holding, Scientific-engineering Center for Technical Security Equipment LLC (SEC TSE LLC), it is intended foro introducing integrated technical solutions in the field of at Rostec enterprises. In the future, SEC TSE LLC will become a key organization that will be responsible for the technical component of the Situation Center of the State Corporation. In the near future, the services of SEC TSE LLC will also be available to companies outside the control circuit of the State Corporation, as well as foreign customers. In addition, the Scientific and Scientific-engineering Center for Technical Security Equipment will conduct research, development and experimental work, as well as personnel training and retraining. Together with the partners - co-founders of the company were JSC Aeronautical and Information Systems, Russian Corporation of Communications LLC., and Private Security Organization RTO-GARD I. SEC TSE LLC plans to expand the range of services offered, in particular, unique technical solutions in the field of information protection. In the future, the creation of a unified system of common technical requirements for the integrated protection of enterprises of Rostec State Corporation.

International cooperation remained one of the important areas for Holding SIBER in 2018. In April, an agreement was signed with the French company Amarant (AMARANTE International), whose goal is to create an alliance in the field of security services. As part of the joint work, it is planned to exchange information and conduct research, as well as launch commercial projects related to the provision of security services in the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries.

Over the past years, the Chinese company DeWe Group has remained an important partner of the Russian Holding. In 2018, cooperation with it reached a new level - SIBER, DeWe Group, Autonomous Nonprofit Organization Far East Investment and Export Agency and Primorskoe Koltso tourist and leisure cluster signed an agreement on the implementation of an investment project related to the construction of the infrastructure facilities of the training and sports shooting complex in the Primorsky Territory. The total investment in the project will be about 10 million US dollars. On the basis of the complex, they will not only train specialists of private security structures and security units, but also carry out activities for bullet and practical shooting.

This year, the company paid serious attention to socially-oriented initiatives, in particular, the corporate housing program was successfully implemented. In addition to creating comfortable and safe working conditions and organizing resort and sanatorium recreation, SIBER actively attracted workers to participate in various sports events organized by the Rostec State Corporation together with the Sport Foundation. At the end of 2018, the team of Holding SIBER took the second place in the team event.


SIBER Holding provides integrated security services for Rostec State Corporation in the following areas: physical security of stationary objects, cargo security during their transportation, fire safety, design, modernization, implementation and maintenance of engineering security equipment and fire safety systems, private security service. Holding includes the in-house security company JSC RT-Guard, in-house fire safety company JSC RT-Fire Protection, Scientific-engineering Center for Technical Security Equipment (SEC TSE LLC), as well as a unites a network of private security companies RTO-Guard, and Russian-Chinese joint venture Hao Guard LLC.

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