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JSC «Kaliningrad Amber Combine» - under the reliable protection of SIBER

JSC «Kaliningrad Amber Combine» - under the reliable protection of SIBER

The in-house security company of Rostec State Corporation has begun to ensure security at Russia's only amber enterprise.

RT-Guard (in-house security company of Rostec State Corporation) has begun to ensure security at Russia's only amber enterprise.

To provide reliable protection of Kaliningrad Amber Combine facilities, including administrative, industrial and storage facilities in the territory of the village of Yantarny, as well as a mining and processing quarry, an enrichment unit, a finishing and storage complex, a mining and processing section and a tailing dump located in the Baltic coastal zone seas, employees of RT-Guard serve on a 24-hour basis.

Kaliningrad Amber Combine is a unique enterprise, about 90% of the world's amber reserves are concentrated by this Combine. Throughout the entire history of the Combine, amber has attracted increased interest from the "black diggers" and other criminal elements who are trying in various ways to penetrate the territory of the quarry with the aim of illegal extraction of semiprecious stone. Unfortunately, this problem remains relevant to this day.

“The issue of ensuring security, especially in places of extraction of solar stone, is one of the key issues for KAC. At the same time, the company has a number of features that require a special approach in terms of protection. In addition to the increased criminogenicity of the amber industry, it is also the mobility of a quarry, which is not a static object, but moves depending on research. Our experts conducted a detailed survey of the plant’s infrastructure and, together with the representatives of KAC, developed a new approach to the protection of the enterprise. In particular, the company installed the necessary engineering and technical security measures, which, combined with the professional physical security provided by the SIBER holding employees, ensure maximum protection of the plant’s objects against illegal encroachments, ”said Vladimir P. Kapysh, CEO of the SIBER holding company.

Kaliningrad Amber Combine is not the only enterprise in the Kaliningrad region, protected by RT-Guard JSC. Since February 2018, the departmental security of Rostec State Corporation began to work at one of the oldest aircraft repair enterprises in Russia - JSC 150 Aircraft Repair Plant, which is located in the city of Svetly and is in the control circuit of the holding Russian Helicopters. Previously, the facility was guarded by the forces of the Federal National Guard Troops Service.

In addition, SIBER has experience in ensuring the safety of mining companies: from the end of 2015 - beginning of 2016, the Holding has been guarding the standalone unit «Malysheva», the only Russian enterprise for the industrial production of emeralds and beryls managed by the Kaliningrad Amber Combine. Over the years, departmental security officers have repeatedly identified attempts to remove valuable products from the territory of the enterprise, as well as thwarted more than one attempt by unauthorized persons to enter the territory in order to seize the crystal raw materials.


SIBER provides integrated security services for Rostec State Corporation in the following areas: physical security of stationary objects, cargo security during their transportation, fire safety, design, modernization, implementation and maintenance of engineering security equipment and fire safety systems, private security service. Holding includes in-house security company JSC RT-Guard, in-house fire safety company JSC RT-Fire Protection, Scientific-engineering Center for Technical Security Equipment (SEC TSE LLC), as well as a unites a network of private security companies RTO-Guard, and Russian-Chinese joint venture Hao Guard LLC.

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