SIBER pays special attention to promoting a healthy lifestyle among its employees. Apart from ensuring comfortable and safe working conditions as well as health insurance and sanatorium-resort services, the company engages its staff to participate in different sport events.

SIBER employees regularly participate in competitions organized by the Rostec Corporation: football and indoor soccer competitions, as well as the Rostec Corporate Games. We believe that such events not only provide our employees with an opportunity to demonstrate their athletic skills, but also serve as an excellent venue for informal communication and team building.

According to the results of the "Rostec – Winter Corporate Games" competition, held on February 24-26, 2017, SIBER's team won six gold medals (in downhill skiing, snowboarding, weightlifting, classic bench press, chin-ups, crossfit) and three silver medals (in downhill skiing, shooting, chin-ups), SIBER' football team took the 2nd place.